of you, family members or a friend.

Portrait “Jakob”, 90/80 cm,

Acryl on canvas. Created for the private family

Sweden, 2011.

“We have long wanted a portrait done of our son. We wanted a close dialogue with the artist who was going to paint us, before and during the painting process. The artist should be able to understand and “see” our family’s character. Also, we wanted to cooperate with an artist with a strong artistic tone and character.
We found that in Alexandra T. Russian artist from St. Petersburg. It has been a true pleasure to follow Alexandra’s painting process and final artwork, which we enjoy every day.” Malene.

Estefania Duque Cardona and Christian Ostergaard, was Alexandra’s clients in 2015

“I met Alexandra through a former colleague that knew about her talent. He told me: “she is an artist”. I remember I did not really believe that until I saw her work. I began following her in social networks and I was impressed.
Very colorful, different, with a lot of style and personality.
I fell in love with the portraits so we agreed a Skype conference where she asked me personal information to adapt the background of the portrait to me.
Once she had an idea she emailed it to me so I could tell her if I liked it or not, and she was very open to receive suggestions to personalize the portrait.
It was a great experience when I traveled to Stockholm to see the final work. I also ordered light boxes, they are truly special.
I am very satisfied with Alexandra´s work and I would recommend her any time if you want to have modern art adapted to your life style and your home.”

“First of all let me say I am a huge fan of Alexandra’s work.
The way she puts her whole soul into her projects. Everything, from planning and interviewing to the attention to details, colors and personality are simply amazing.
I bought my first painting along with some magical light boxes in 2014 and will surely buy more in the years to come.
I am not an art critic, far from it.. But this is the type of work I would gladly recommend at any time, any day…”


STEP 1: 

                                                                                                  Meeting with a customer, in some cases via Skype or email,                                                                                                  discussing wishes , ideas and interests related to the painting.


Offer from Alexandra Trizna with a sketch.

STEP 3 :

Agreement on a sketch, price ,

work and payment timeframes. 50% prepayment.


Working process starts, creating original (6-12 weeks).


Delivering painting  on a personal meeting in the studio or at the customers place.


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