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I’m creating solo-exhibitions and taking part in group exhibitions.

Here are some selective photos from the exhibitions that took place from year 2006 to the present moment.

Solo show ” DET ÄR DAGS…en ny era”, Stonehus, Mariehamn, Åland, 2019

Solo show “In love with life”, Väsby konsthall, Stockholm, 2016

More photos here :  https://goo.gl/photos/KfAmobTQkPoZ77C78



 Group exhibition “Halva himlen”, Väsby konsthall,  2014 


Solo show “Reflections”, So Stockholm gallery, Stockholm, 2013

Sponsor of the exhibition – company VINK , “Passion for plastics”,  http://www.vink.se/

More photos here : https://goo.gl/photos/FLYHkXC5hURuMzrG8

It is hard to resist Alexandra Trizna invitation to the charming atmosphere of love, intimacy and unity, especially when she offers the concept of oneness with the bright colors and play of light and shadows on transparent surfaces.

Alexandra constantly surprises us. Series after series she comes back with a more mature and creative approach to her deepest concerns.  She is the artist of her beliefs and has her own distinctive combination of language and technique which is perfectly suitable for expressing her paradigm.  She is seeking for pureness in her paintings as well as in her daily life. She lives her philosophy and sincerely reflects it in her art.

In “Oneness” Alexandra brings the sky down to the earth. All the boundaries are removed, and the unity between ingredients is unfolded. Human figures are not only a part of nature; they, themselves, are simply the nature. Humans are not encapsulated in their body figures, they flow in their surroundings. Although they coalesce into the nature, an element of a man-made structure connects their pure and primitive gestures to civilization.

Oneness is not only a combination of the expressive lines and colours, but also a call for considering an alternative definition of human beings as an undivided unity or in other words “planetary citizens”.

Nasim Nazemian , art critic and researcher

Russian film-festival KinoRurik XIV, gala-show in Filmhuset, Stockholm, 2013

Konstnär från Sankt-Petersburg som bor och arbetar i Stockholm Alexandra Trizna
presenterar verken är relaterade till huvudtemat på Gala visning av KinoRurik XIV – kärlek.

Var och en av oss representerar minst en planet, eller till och med en galax. Vad händer när galaxer passerar varandra och när planeter möter? Möten med människor är en av de mest fascinerande sakerna i våra liv. Hur händer det och varför?

Solo show “Interaction between galaxies”, Gåtfullkonst gallery, Stockholm, 2012

Event in So Stockholm gallery, Stockholm Ambassador’s Network, mingle presented by Swedavia, Stockholm, 2012

Group exhibition “Jazz stories”, cultural center “Tolstoy skver”, Saint-Petersburg, 2009

(Vladimir Zagorov, Aron Zinshtein, Alexander Zadorin, Anatoly Zaslavsky, Ivan Tarasyuk, Alexandra Trizna and more)

Solo show “Triznaki of star-trips”, DO-gallery, Saint-Petersburg, 2009

Solo show “Triznaki of the moving traffic”, CULT gallery, Saint-Petersburg, 2009

Group exhibition “Territory of senses”. 6.RA. GLOBE gallery, Saint-Petersburg, 2008

(Maria Garkavenko, Ekaterina Ezhkova, Anastasia Eliseeva, Anna Jelud, Maria Koshenkova, Alexandra Trizna)

Solo show “Triznaki of life” – 2, Red Bridge gallery, Vologda, 2008

Solo show “Triznaki of transference”, Do-gallery, Saint-Petersburg, 2008

Solo show “Triznaki of life”,  Do-gallery, Saint-Petersburg, 2007

Photographers who took photos of my works and projects:

Marcus Boman,

Alfiya Gizatullina,

Alexander Lavrentyev, 

Alexander Popov,

Evgeniy Zilbershtein,

Sami Hyrskylahti,

Anna Feldman,

Ekaterina Kozina,

Musheh Kirakosyan

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