Artist statement: Reflecting on the experience



Large series of works on a specific topic. Angels, humans – about love, roads and signs  – about the city and cars, Cosmos – about the eternal and grandiose.

Strategically, Alexandra is absolutely free and unpredictable. But tactically – within a topic – indicatively disciplined.

She is faithful to the chosen technique and to herself as an artist, consistently following the spirit of love for the precise geometry of lines and colours.




Photo by Marcus Boman


Photo by Marcus Boman 2020


1980                    Born in Leningrad (Saint-Petersburg), Russia

1998-2005           Educated in the Saint-Petersburg Art and Industry Academy, graphic line (Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design)

2001-2002           Grant on studies in Denmark, Bornholm, glass line, 6 month

2003                    Grant on studies in Poland, “Krzyzowa Foundation”, graphic

2005                    Prize winner in the art competition “Muse of St-Petersburg” diploma project “Night Petersburg”

2006                    Member of the Union of artists of Russia

2009                    Public-space project “Space of aspirations”, Business center “Avenue”. Spb, January

2009                    Kandinsky prize, Moscow, second round, nomination “Young artist”

2009                    Member of the Artists Trade Union of Russia, Moscow

2010-2011           Moved to Sweden, lived and worked in Gothenburg

2011                    Member of the Swedish Artists National Organization (KRO)

2011-2016           Moved to Stockholm, lived and worked there

2016                     Konststipendium from Sveriges Konstföreningar, Utställningsersättning 

2016                     Moved to Åland Islands

2018                     Member of the Ålands Artists Union (ÅK) https://alandskonstforening.wordpress.com/ak-sektionen/ak-medlemmar/

2018-2020           Represented artist at the gallery Skarpans, Åland

2019                     Konststipendium 2019, Ålands Kulturdelegation (Arts Scholarship)

Since 2001 exhibiting works in solo and group exhibitions, Russia and Europe.

Works are in collections of galleries and in private collections – Russia, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Island, Finland, Åland, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, Greece and USA.


M a i n   e x h i b i t i o n s  2006 – 2022


Transit period in life and creativity


Group exhibition, Önningeby museum, Åland, September


Solo show “Everything is connected”, Galleriet, Mariehamn, Åland, September


Solo show “DET ÄR DAGS…en ny era”, Stonehus, Mariehamn, Åland, April

Group exhibition, Ålands konstförening Sommar salong, Mariehamns stadsbibliotek, Åland, June-August


Group exhibition “Flykt”. Önningeby museum, Åland, June-August


Solo exhibition “I STAN ELLER PÅ LANDET”, Finströms bibliotek, Åland, November


Kulturäfton i Mariehamn Stadsbiblioteket, Åland, November

Solo exhibition”The taste of life”, Indigo, Mariehamn, Åland, October-December

Solo show “In love with life”, Väsby konsthall, Stockholm, March-April


Group exhibition “30×30”, Upplands Väsby konsthall, Stockholm, October-November


Group exhibition “Drawings of the artists of Saint-Petersburg”, exhibition hall of the Union of Russian artists, Saint-Petersburg, September

Group exhibition “Halva himlen”, Upplands Väsby konsthall, Stockholm, November-December


Group exhibition “Påsk och Passion”, Art 3 K gallery, Stockholm, March

Solo show at Russian film-festival KinoRurik XIV, Filmhuset, Stockholm, April

Group exhibition “Midsommar”, Art 3 K gallery, Stockholm, June

Solo show “REFLECTIONS”, So Stockholm gallery, Stockholm, September

Group exhibition “Autumn 2013”, exhibition hall of the Union of Russian artists, Saint-Petersburg, November


Solo exhibition “Interaction between galaxies”, Gåtfullkonst gallery, Stockholm, November

Represented artist in Art 3 K gallery, Stockholm, Gamla Stan, from August


Transit period in life and creativity


Public-space project “Space of aspirations”, 200/300 cm, business center “Avenue”, Spb, January

Solo exhibition “Architecture in squares”, Jam Hall gallery, Spb, February-April

Solo exhibition “Impressions”, Gallery Lange Dwars, Gouda, Netherlands, March

Solo exhibition “TRIZNAKI OF THE MOVING TRAFFIC”, CULT gallery, Spb, May-August

Solo exhibition “TRIZNAKI OF STAR-TRIPS”, DO-gallery, Spb, November-December

Group exhibition “Jazz stories”, cultural center “Tolstoy skver”, Spb, December-January

Project-presentation “A-WAY”, Arkadia international bookshop, Helsinki, December


Group exhibition “Territory of senses”. 6.RA. GLOBE gallery, Spb, January

Solo exhibition “TRIZNAKI OF LIFE” -2, Red Bridge gallery, Vologda, April

Solo exhibition “TRIZNAKI OF TRANSFERENCE”, DO-gallery, Spb, November


Solo exhibition “Intryck””, graphic, Sweden, Hallefors. June

Group exhibition “New ideas for the city”, New exhibition hall of the State museum city sculpture, Spb, August

Solo exhibition “TRIZNAKI OF LIFE”. “DO-gallery”, Spb, October


Solo exhibition “Windows”, Jam Hall gallery, Spb, June-July

Solo exhibition “Impressions”, Gallery Rachmaninov yard, Spb, July


Photographers who took photos of my works and projects:

Marcus Boman, https://www.marcusboman.com/

Alfiya Gizatullina,

Alexander Lavrentyev, 

Alexander Popov,

Evgeniy Zilbershtein,

Sami Hyrskylahti,

Anna Feldman,

Ekaterina Kozina,

Musheh Kirakosyan